David Calarco has combined his passions for writing and for Phish in this one-of-a-kind collector’s volume. Calarco first got into Phish during his collegiate years at Georgetown University, where he majored in History with a concentration in African American Studies. During these years, Calarco’s love for the band’s music and live their performances developed, and he quickly realized that there is no other place on Earth quite like a Phish show. Calarco balanced school and Phish for a couple years, but once he graduated, he hit the road with Phish on a full-time basis. Traversing the country and the globe in chase of the band’s unparalleled musical adventures, Calarco’s life-long love affair with music had finally led him to the promised land.

When Phish traveled to Japan for their first tour of the Far East in Summer 2000, Mr. Miner was born. Serving as an overseas concert reporter for the newly formed Jambase.com, Calarco wrote detailed reviews of the Japan shows for a salivating stateside readership. Once back in America, he continued writing Phish reviews throughout the summer and part of fall of 2000.

This book represents the next step for Calarco. Tracing Phish’s return the third time around, he was on the scene for every moment of their comeback year and tracked the band’s rebirth from its genesis through now. Fusing his passions for writing and Phish, this book represents a dream come true for Calarco, and he is excited to share his work with fellow Phish freaks. Three years in the making, Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts: An Anthology by a Fan for the Fans is finally ready for your coffee table.

Calarco resides in Fairfax, California, with his wife, Mariah, son, Charlie, and two pugs, Simon and Harriet.