Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is widely used in construction and building industry beneficial for providing structure, insulation, fire and mould resistance. It became widely popular in mid-1920s. China,India, Central Asia and Middle East are the biggest manufacturers and users of aac. Knauf is one of the most popular global brand that manufacture aac concrete. Application of AAC include:

  • Boundary Walls

  • Floor and Ceiling Systems

  • Fences

  • Internal walls

  • Sound Proof Studios

Benefits of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete :

Fire resistance:

Aac panel system has to comply with bushfire attack level categories for external cladding. It uses a tough material that makes it durable and fireproof. Thus it is most suitable in fire prone areas, probably in structures surrounded by forests and industries producing hazardous material.

Benefits in Construction and Building:

It is well suited for urban areas and high rise buildings. Due to lower number of joints, the requirement of mortar is reduced for laying aac blocks, and requires less steel and concrete due to its lower density. Another advantage of using autoclaved aerated concrete is quick and easy installation of such panels.

Cost Effective:

AAC panels are tough and durable for use in wall mounting. It has increased thermal efficiency and is most suitable in the areas of extreme temperatures. One does not need to spend additionally on insulation materials. The masonry involved is easy and quick as one does not need expertise to install the panels. The material available is cheaper than conventional construction material.


The material is flexible as it has a number of applications. It can be used as a masonry product to substitute for conventional brick and mortar walls as well as for other non masonry areas.

Sound Proof:

The best thing about aac panels is that they possess sound proofing qualities. Their acoustic performance is equivalent or even better than other soundproofing material which maybe twice the thickness of aac panels. It is widely used in sound production studios.