Book Headline

Providing the community with a timeless relic of this era, and far beyond, we bring you “Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts – An Anthology By A Fan For The Fans.”

Taking readers through 2009—the re-birth of Phish—and placing this monumental time within the context of the band’s career with a spectrum of essays that span their past tours, musical styles, legendary jams and the culture of their scene. Leading up to and in the early stages of the band’s comeback, fans speculated as to whether Phish could rightfully regain their thrones as the kings of modern improvisational rock. This book tells the story of their return to mastery, through 2010, and what it felt like as a fan, to witness Phish embark on the golden age of their career.

And the book captures it all in a beautifully bound, photo-filled anthology.

Book Specs
680 Pages
10″ X 9″ Color Offset Printing
First Edition, 2011
Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts is being produced with the highest quality inks and paper

Written by David Calarco
Edited by Elizabeth Winter
Designed by BAJ Design
Photography by John Crouch, Graham Lucas, Michael Stein and other contributors

How to Use this Book
Most anthologies are simply a series of essays. But Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts contains a system of thought-out “connections” that allows you to navigate the book however you please. The anthology is divided by subject: “2009: The Comeback,” “Tours and Eras,” “Shows,” “Songs and Jams” and “Culture.” Alongside each essay, there is anywhere from one to four topical connections to other essays in the book. A given essay is connected to other pieces throughout the book that expound upon or highlight a specific theme within it. Perhaps you are reading an essay that describes a scorching “Reba,” or a facet of the old days such as tape trading. Through these connections you will be guided to other essays that touch on similar subjects.. And thus your journey begins. These connections are represented by icons in the margin that will direct you to the correct section and page number to continue your personal journey through the volume—think of the “choose your own adventure” books from childhood. To illustrate this concept, let’s look at two examples.

For example, “A Portrait of Post-Hiatus,” an article about the band’s 7.30.2003 Camden performance, contains four different connections. The first is to an essay in the “Tours and Eras” section” entitled, “Summer 2003: A Return to Glory.” The second connection brings the reader to an essay in the “Shows” section called “The Tower” that chronicles Phish’s “secret set” at 2003’s IT festival. The third connection takes you to the a piece in “2009: The Return” entitled “The OPhishal Welcome Back Party” that looks at the band’s return to the same venue during their comeback year of 2009. Finally, the fourth connection is to a piece in the “Song and Jams” section called “The Nassau Tweezer,” a closer look at one of post-hiatus’ peak moments.

A separate essay, “Ole, Ole, Ole,” that looks at Phish’s last show of Europe ’98 in Barcelona, also contains four connections. The first one is to the “Tours and Eras” section and a piece entitled “The Laid Back Funk of Summer ’98.” The second connection directs you to the “Songs and Jams” section and an essay about the same tour called “Den Gra Hal’s Tweezer > 2001.” The third connection brings you to a piece in “2009: The Return” entitled “The Sound of Phish,” as Barcelona’s show was mired in sound problems. Finally, the fourth connection also brings the reader to the “Songs and Jams” section but to a piece about “Halley’s Comet”’—a standout jam in the Barcelona show—called “This Everlasting Spoof.”

Then, once you choose which essay you’d like to read, you will be presented with a new series of topical connections that will continue to take you through the book however YOU choose to read it! Just as Trey croons, “The only rule is it begins.” How you read and navigate this anthology is totally up to you. You may decide to disregard the connections, reading the essays in chronological order, or you may use them to fully navigate the book. This unifying concept, however, makes Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts a unique and user-friendly experience tailored to each reader’s specific interests.