There are two types of stands, one for monitors, and the other for laptops. When you buy accessories, you go for the one which is useful to you, and this can be done in more than one ways.

Type of Stands

In this article, we will discuss the two types of stands in detail. Let us take examples of each, for monitor we will use the iMac monitor stand, and for laptops, we will use Ergonomic laptop stand. Both stands attend to different types of needs. You may also check Difference and Similarities in Stands online to know more about the stand desk.

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Roles of Stands

Both stands pretty much play the same roles; they both support the tools they were created for. The main objective of both the iMac monitor stand and the Ergonomic laptop stand, or in fact any other stand is to help the user to feel at ease while working. The stands help the user to personalize their space accordingly.


Both the monitor desks and the laptop stand are not so much different, they both support their selective tools, provide assistance to the user, and some have the same features such as USB hubs.


Where there are similarities, there are bound to be some differences as well. The iMac stand supports the iMac monitor. This is designed for a specific model, while on the other hand, the laptop stand supports laptops of pretty much all major brand or models.

The iMac stand has 3 USB hubs, while the laptop stand usually has 4 USB hubs. Both types of stands are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and their prices vary accordingly.

Another difference can be that some laptop stands are portable. They can be adjusted and they can be moved around, whereas not all monitor desks have this feature. The iMac stand is not portable and the ergonomic stand is.