Our stomach includes distinct natural acid, which has the use of digesting the food we consume. The stomach acid symptoms include are gassiness, flatulence and indigestion can normally be brought on by too little production of stomach acid.

The acid also helps to protect against disease in the intestine. When an individual has too much acid in the stomach, this scenario referred to as the acidity. 

The important reason for the acidity is poor diet, taking extra spicy foods, stress and taking alcohol. Without taking any therapy acidity proceeds to cause distress and discomfort.

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Enzymes such as pepsin break down food in the stomach and hydrochloric acid helps break down food, in addition, to prevent harmful bacteria from moving one of the stomach and small intestine.

Here suggest the several approaches safeguard against acidity:-

Use antacids

Taking antacids to remove the acidity in the stomach. These medications help in nullifying the stomach acid. If an individual has some heartburn, indigestion and other problems due to excess stomach acid, then he should use antacids in a small volume.

Use Garlic

Garlic is quite easily available that could help reduce the acidity in the stomach. So chew couple cloves of this fresh cursed garlic. Then, drink very little cold mineral water. Garlic controls the excess acidity in the stomach. An individual should do this treatment after eating food.

Use basil leaves

Basil leaves may be reducing the acidity, combine fresh basil together with yogurt and eat it. Take this frequently until acidity becomes less. It is possible to combine dry powered, black pepper and combine everything together then use it.