6 Basic Photographic Techniques And Essentials

Talk about photography and there are varied school of thoughts that come to your mind. Photography in the past few decades have grown in itself as one of the major and lucrative professions. It finds its presence in almost every field ranging from show business, journalism, art, social gatherings and wedding events. Sydney is home to various renowned photographers. Talk about fashion photography or Top Wedding photographer Sydney, the profession has made its mark in the industry. Photography is broad in the sense that not a single person can master in all these different fields. Fashion photography is one field where a reputed photographer is able to earn high. Another lucrative field is wedding photography. To survive in the market a variety of wedding photography packages sydney are offered to their clients suiting their needs. Here are some of the basic photographic techniques and essentials:


The basic image forming device that uses an image sensor, a photographic film, a photographic plate as a capture medium. Magnetic tapes (earlier) and electronic memory serve as recording medium. A movie camera takes rapid series of photographs in sequence and store it on recording medium.


In this, both colour and monochrome photographs are captured altogether and displayed side by side that emulate stereoscopic vision of a human. Earlier it was known as 3D photography.

Dual Photography

Dual photography is an interesting technique of photographing a scene from both ends of the camera at once. It takes two photographs of a scene from either ends of the camera. A networked camera can also be used to capture a dual photograph from both ends camera.

Full Spectrum, UV and Infrared

Light field photography, also known as synthetic aperture photography is the gift of modern digital methods of image capture and display processing. It allows focussing at various depths of field to be selected after the photograph has been captured.

Other Techniques

Besides this, there are other couple of techniques such as photocopy or xerography