Green tea provides us many benefits. You can also take advantage of taking a cup of green tea daily.

Various health benefits of green tea are given below:

Antioxidants are powerful that can guard the body against molecules which is the reason for cancer and other health associated problems. You can also visit  to get info regarding health benefits of green tea.

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Many scientific studies have shown the antioxidants in green tea can help to guard our body against various ailments like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many others.

Green tea’s antioxidant is also known to be highly effective in the same manner as vitamin E and vitamin C. It is also protected the cells from damages.

Other benefits of green tea include:

Blood sugar lowering

A study found that green tea drinking can protect your body from blood sugar. The study shows that body insulin was increased by 13% when you using green tea at daily basis.

Fat loose

In the same study, scientists found that fat oxidation rates improved by as much as 17% when green tea was involved in the diet.

Sources of Green Tea

Thanks to its rising popularity, green tea is now available in many types. Some of the most generally found on the market include:

Tea bags

This is one of the most popular methods to consume this type of tea and perhaps one of the easiest. Tea bags however generally contain lower quality tea.

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Iced tea

Readymade green tea drinks are also made popular. Loose leaf tea is also used to prepare iced tea and the taste is best from other tea.You can also buy mojo tea of premium quality for weight loss.

Loose tea

For those who prefer to make their tea from the leaves, another choice also exists. With the addition, loose leaf tea drinkers can enjoy convenience as well as the best-tasting tea.