The Name ‘Digital Marketing’ itself suggests promoting or advertising a product utilizing digital mediums. At a high level, we could explain Digital Marketing as a system to deliver promotion of a specific product using digital channels such as a search engine, site, social networking channels and a lot more online tools and utilities.

Why any organization wants Digital Marketing?

In today’s business climate, every company wants to stay ahead of its rivals that are the reason they need to opt for electronic mediums to attract more and more targeted and more fruitful clients.

Digital Marketing Categories

These categories or methods of DM may be utilized based on the requirement of the organization, according to targeted clients and a few more criteria.

Search Engine Optimization

According to Wikipedia, SEO is “The practice of changing the visibility of a site or a web page at a search engine’s outstanding results”

“The process of optimizing your portal site or the content of your portal site so that Google can show it in its search results for a specific keyword search.”

Search engine optimization is that magic trick that when applied to your article push Google to demonstrate your article on top results whenever somebody searches those keywords.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a paid method to acquire a growing number of traffic through Search Engines. It’s different from SEO where we used to get traffic utilizing organic search results. Using SEM we can buy an advertisement space that appears on search engine page results (SERPs) for certain keywords searched by users.

An Illustration of SEM is Pay-Per-Click Advertising or PPC. PPC is a sort of paid electronic promotion method where we pay a certain quantity of money to search engines whenever our advertising is clicked.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media becomes a vital part of marketing nowadays, virtually every DM strategy is somehow associated with social media. The Wikipedia Definition States That:”SMM is the process of gaining site traffic or focus through social networking sites.” SMM is a means of producing content respective to social networking channels to get traffic related to your market and establishing your presence among users.

Social networking gives us a better communication channel through which we can associate with our targeted customers and gain valuable customer feedback to improve our services.

Content Marketing

It’s regarded as a long-term strategy which focuses on developing a high-quality content that relevant to our targeted clients. Other Digital Marketing Strategies will also be dependent on content promotion as it’s

  • Key Pillar Of Our SEO Strategy.
  • It can help to draw users from our social networking channels.
  • Offering a fantastic content to users assists an organization to establish itself as a valuable source of data in user’s view.

 Influencer Marketing

According To Wikipedia: Influencer advertising is a kind of marketing where the focus is set on influential individuals as opposed to the target market as a whole. In this technique, organizations hire or utilize people who have a high number of individuals related to your market to drive more visitors and sales. This is a favorite on social networking channels such as Instagram and Snapchat.

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Affiliate Marketing

It’s a performance-based advertising method in which a company pays affiliates to drive clients with his own marketing and advertising skills.

This method a is based referral program. Let assume you referred someone to get a product and when he/she buy that product you’ll be awarded a certain quantity of money.

Email Marketing

As the name implies it’s a process of promoting your product using Email as a medium. This method permits you to update your clients on a regular basis on your different offers, schemes and plenty of other stuff also. It’s inexpensive and simple to adapt making it better options for smaller businesses.